30 June 2013

Sunday Scorcher

Here in the South land it's scorching hot. It came on almost overnight a few days ago. Everywhere one goes one sees people dripping with sweat. It doesn't matter that it's supposedly a "dry" heat. It's miserable, especially if one doesn't have central air. I've been drinking so much iced tea, iced coffee, and water that I feel like I'm sloshing despite peeing every hour.

If you're in one of the overheated places - stay cool and stay hydrated.



mistress maddie said...

Now may be a good time to be a polar bear honey! Sorry couldn't resist. Oh like I'm sure you mind seeing the boys and bears walking around with soaked tees sticking to them :0

Stan said...

Hot and very, very HUMID here on the East coast. I feel like a sponge! Stay cool Behr!