28 May 2013

Another Year Another Arthritis Walk

This coming Sunday (June 2) I will once again participate in the Arthritis Foundation's local walk to raise money and awareness. I'm not doing so well with raising money this year; I think partly because I recently donated to other friends' causes (AIDS, Lupus) and at work we're still in the midst of our annual Workplace Giving campaign.

There's also the competing walk in September for the National Kidney Foundation, which is nearer to my heart than this one. I have done the Arthritis Walk for about 7 years now and I walk for my Mom. This will be the 4th Kidney Walk and I walk for myself.

I just can't ask people to support both causes. So unfortunately one has to win out and this year it'll be the Kidney Walk. So I'll really be pushing that later on this year (hint hint).

I'm hoping I'll be able to complete the 3 mile walk. I've lately been having trouble with my feet and legs. Yes, I know losing weight would help but since cardio is a good way to lose weight and that hurts my feet it's a Catch-22, isn't it? The fact I have gout (caused by medication for the kidney thing) doesn't help.

This past weekend saw a lot of foot action for me too. Minds out of the gutter!

I'm once again involved in the local community theater and Sunday we moved the set in and yesterday had our first tech rehearsal. It went very well. But I was on my feet a lot plus Mom and I went for our Sunday walk which is , if my pedometer is correct, about 2 miles. Today my feet are screaming inside my dress shoes. Did I mention I wear orthotics, too? I'm a hot mess, I tell ya!

So my Memorial Day weekend was partially busy partially lazy. Just the right combination!

Hoping everyone is well....


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Stan said...

I have pretty much the same ailments as you do my friend. I have the gout thing too and take Uloric & Colcrys for it. My feet are killing me when I come home from the gym.
I'll be here for you again when you do the Kidney walk again. Hang in there!