10 February 2012

Friday Fur

I've featured other pictures of this same mohawked furgod...I have no idea who he is but there's something about him that makes certain parts of me wake up.

I had some private messages inquiring over my "mental and emotional bondage" comment yesterday. It's really quite simple: this is the time of year when I tend to dwell on broken relationships - both of the romantic kind and the friendship kind. That's all I meant.

Dad goes home from the convalescent home today. Since I'm fighting a sore throat for the second day, I'll stay away. Damn immunosuppressant.

Not sure if I'll be seeing O or not tonight; he wants to go to the movies (Phantom Menace in 3D? I'm not so sure it'll help....)

What's on your schedule?



Stan said...

Ugh! Sorry about your sore throat. They are the worst. Especially for me when my tonsils get infected.
THis guy is so damned hot. Love his fur, haircut and ink! Send him over please! Hope you feel better soon love!

Red-Hot-Chilli said...

1. hope you feel better soon! I ab-solu-te-ly DESTEST it when I feel a cold coming on!!!

2. the guy in the pic's scorching - ink, bod, face, attitude: all a perfect 10!

3. as for my schedule, I'm totally thrilled because I unexpectedly landed a ticket for the ceremony next Tuesday when Meryl Streep will receive an Honorary Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival ... so yes ... I'm completely dazed ... I Just cannot believe my luck!!!!!!!

Wonder Man said...

hugz to you