30 October 2011

Sunday Favorite: 64

It should be no surprise that this is a favorite. He's the perfect bear: bearded, furry, beefy. Be sure to click to embiggen. You won't be sorry.

As I mentioned, I'm off to SF this week for work. I fly up tomorrow (Monday) and fly home Friday evening. I'll have some free time tomorrow and each night; I'm looking forward to catching a couple of movies that don't play down in So Cal, having dinner at a favorite restaurant, drinking at a favorite watering hole or two, and of course seeing friends including Bear.

I'm not sure what I'll be doing Hallowe'en night, whether a movie or perhaps just staying in the hotel. I've been warned off the Castro and I think it's a good idea since I do have to work the next day. Whatever the rest of you may be doing, enjoy! Be safe and remember the 4 rules: wear a costume, give out treats, check your candy, and don't blow out the jack o' lantern!


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Stan said...

Have a safe and fun trip to SF. I'll be home with the lights out and blinds closed.