21 April 2013

And So It Starts

What starts, you may be asking yourself after reading the title of this post and - if you're breathing - checking out the incredibly hot beach daddy. Well let me tell you.

This starts my "birthday week." Now, I normally don't advertise my birthday because I generally don't care for the attention. I may be an ENFJ but I'm an odd ENFJ. I'm making an exception this year because it's a milestone birthday.

I'll be 50 on Friday.

As of this writing, it doesn't bother me. Oh it mystifies me somewhat, but overall I'm okay with my age. Maybe it's because I don't feel my age necessarily. There are times in my head I think I'm still in my 20s. Maybe that's why I've been dating 20-something year olds for the past 8 years.

I think it helps that many people tell me I don't look my age. A female coworker was shocked to find out I'll be 50. She thought I was in my 30s! I told her fat people always look younger.

I'll be working Monday and Tuesday but taking the rest of the week off. I would have liked to have taken more time off but work has interfered. I'm still struggling on finding time to take some extended vacation. I considered going to England but for various reasons I dropped that idea. Mainly that I don't want to travel alone.

And perhaps that's the one downfall of this birthday; I realize how alone I am. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean I'm lonely, just...alone. I have many friends who I love dearly but not many of them can afford to go on a trip with me. And stingy old bastard that I am, I don't want to pay someone else's way. Yeah it's the selfishness in me. That's one train the horoscopes never tell you about Taureans.

I will be taking a mini-trip though. But first let me back up. Today, Sunday, I treated myself out to breakfast. I use to do this quite often but I have found that I need to follow a specific diet and that makes eating out a bit difficult. I can manage but prefer to just cook/eat at home. But today, I went out. Nothing special, French toast, but it was nice. I even went someplace I haven't been to in years.

I'll be working Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday night I'll be having dinner with my friend Roger (see Gay Days 2012) who will be in the area for work. Wednesday morning I'll seeing Rosalee for breakfast. I'm excited about these two meals...two really great people. And of course, with Rosalee it's ultra-special.

On Thursday I'll be driving to Phoenix, AZ and going to a couple of baseball games. I've been an Arizona Diamondbacks fan ever since they became an expansion team and fully supporting them despite changes in managers and team colors. I have no idea what I'll be doing during the day on Friday since the game is in the evening but I'm sure I'll find some trouble to get into. After all, Phoenix is the city of my birth and I thought it fitting to spend my day there.

The rest of the weekend will be spend driving home, spending time with family and prepping for the following work week. Not overly exciting but hey! at my age one can't have too much excitement. LOL

So there you have it...I'll be taking a mini-trip back to my birthplace to celebrate my milestone birthday. I've know of a couple of restaurants I want to visit (it's always about food with me). I'm looking forward to it and I'm getting a bit excited.



Kelly/RICGD said...

Well, Happy Birthday, early... I too have birthday weeks, well, to be honest, the whole month of July... I hope you enjoy your week...

Mark in DE said...

First, happy birthday in advance!!! Second, if you want to take a trip but don't want to "travel alone", might I suggest Puerto Vallarta? I think that would be a great place to be single (wink wink). ;-) I hope you have a wonderful birthday week!! I will be having the same milestone birthday in about 8 months. Yikes....

Stan said...

I turned 62 last Wednesday (Aries.) Like you I don't feel my age either but unfortunately I'm alone also and feel it at times more more than others. I'm dying to take a vacation and I desperately want to see Europe before it's too late but don't want to go by myself either.
I was thinking of traveling inside the States too. I want to go to SF again too.
Have a nice trip. How did I miss that you were from Pheonix AZ? Drive safely! Have fun and Happy Birthday!

Nik_TheGreek said...

I'll wish you proper Happy Birthday on Friday. :-)
Don't worry though. England will always be here waiting for you, to experience it, the way you want to.

BearTalks said...

Well, I wish a great week! Enjoy your trip! And all the best for your birthday! :)

Rick said...

Happy Birthday Big Boy! Welcome to the booming 50's.
Sounds like a good trip. Do you go through Palm Springs and pass all the windmills? I like that. Is there a big ass store/souvenir shop with a dinosaur on a sign about mid way? lol I made the drive several years ago but can't remember if I was on I10 or I40.
I hope you had a great week!
Bear hugs>>>>>u

BosGuy said...

Hope you had a great birthday and birthday week.