31 January 2013

Chris Culliver: Pariah?

Much has been made in the past day or so over "homophobic" comments by Chris Culliver who plays for the San Francisco 49ers. I have read through various online stories as well as listened to the audio interview that has sparked so many people's outrage. Are we as a community so thin-skinned that every time someone dares oppose us we have to raise a flack?

Culliver said he doesn't do gay guys. He's STRAIGHT, people, of course he doesn't do them. That's like you or me saying we don't do straight women. Or...women.

When asked about players remaining in the closet he said that any gay players stay there until 10 years after they stop playing. Is he telling a lie? From David Kopay to Esera Tuaolo to Kwame Harris, they have ALL "come out" after leaving the sport.

And let's face it folks...Culliver isn't the brightest light bulb in the appliance department. If asked about his stats or the upcoming game he would undoubtedly be able to wax poetic but when thrown a "social" issue he proved he's not that much of a spokesman.

I say give the guy a break. Does he deserve to be ostracized and suspended from perhaps one of the biggest games of his life? In my opinion, no. He was thrown curve ball questions, wasn't prepared for them, and has had his comments taken as proof positive he wants us all dead. I think it is all in the interpretation of his words.

I doubt many will agree with me. But that's the beauty of this country: we have freedom of speech. And we - who are fighting for equality and equal rights - must extend those same freedoms to those who would oppose us. So let Chris Culliver play so the 49ers can whoop the Ravens' asses!


PS: A Happy Birthday shout out to the Bear!


Cubby said...

I agree with you. I think what he said by way of an apology was just fine. I've said plenty of stupid things in my life, and when I'm called out, I reflect on it, conclude I was wrong/ignorant/immature, apologize, grow as a person, and move on. Much like he is doing with this episode. If only the other folks in the NFL could be like him.

Stan said...

Thanks for posting this and I totally agree with you. I've come to learn that when you initially hear stories like this you have to stop and listen to what was actually said.
Your right not everybody has to like us and some of us have to get over it.

Wonder Man said...

I'm fine with the apology