02 November 2011

Behr Trip: 2

Don't even ask me about my first day at work here in the Bay area. It was less than fruitful and less than stellar. In fact I had a momentary thought to call my boss and quit. I quickly got over that silly notion.

The hotel where I stay does the complimentary wine bar every evening. When I arrived at the hotel it was in full swing so I basically walked up and stuck out my hand and voila! A nice merlot was placed in my hand. I took it back to the room where I unfortunately downed it fairly quickly. I needed that!

Last night I met up with Bear. It was good to see him, better to hug him. My poor friend has been through a lot these past few months since he visited. Thing are looking up for him and I'm confident he will soon be back to his normal self.

So we met at Civic City BART station. I always get confused at that particular station, I don't know why. But I only waited a few minutes before Bear showed up. We walked up Polk street to - yeah you guessed it! Grubstake. It's always interesting to eat at an establishment two nights in a row, once alone and once with someone to see how different the experience is. I had Shepherd's Pie. It was good, but not nearly as tasty as the pork piccata from the night before. My excellent company more than made up for that.

After dinner we walked to a bar, Cinch, and had a couple of beers. We sat out on the back patio, talking and drinking and enjoying each other's company. From there we walked over to his place of employment (movie theater) where he was going to screen a movie for me. Now get your minds out of the gutter! Not that kind of movie! However one of the less than nice managers was there and he didn't want to get into a hassle. So we left there and went to his apartment where he screened his recut "That Darn Bear" movie. I will share more of this later but it's his homage to Charles Martin Smith. Peaches Christ herself handpicked his little film to be in the next SF Underground Short Film Festival! More on that later.

We talked until quite late and I finally needed to get going since I do have to work. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I have the patience to get through today. Wish me luck!



Cubby said...

I'm really glad you got to spend some good time with Bear.

Nik_TheGreek said...

You'll be fine... :-)
I'm glad you had a nice night out

Stan said...

Hang in there Buddy! Just think your in the most beautiful city in the US.

Wonder Man said...

sounds like a good buddy night