04 November 2014

All Inked Up

Once upon a time I was fascinated by tattoos. I still am, to a certain degree. Like the guy who sold me the roof...he had awesome "card" tattoos, each containing the name of a sibling. I secretly hoped the "Alex" one was for his husband but to no avail. He said he had a phoenix that covered a shoulder and crept over to his back.

As you all know, my tastes run the gamut. Take the guy above...at first I see beautiful artwork on a hot body. But then I think it's a bit overdone and what will it look like when he's much older...or fatter...and those muscled pecs sag to the middle of his chest? Don't get me started on the pain he had to endure to have these images permanently applied to his skin. And I wonder what motivated him to have it done...what's the "story" behind it all.

And then there's someone like this guy, whose tattoos seem so random. The stars are symmetrical and I suppose whatever is tattooed across his mid-section is as well....but the colored detailed ink on his right arm/shoulder seems very offset by the left arm tattoo.

Or am I comparing apples to oranges?

And for the record...that second guy could do whatever he wants to me.


01 November 2014

Hello November

October is over and we are now into November. I love autumn: the colors, the weather, the holidays. I've a new reason for loving autumn: my new job.

It's only been a week but that one week has nearly erased the previous 18 years. I am so happy to be where I am. The people are the best. Everyone is friendly, welcoming, accommodating, understanding of being new...and yes there are quite a few not unattractive men. Here's a quick rundown of my first week.

Monday: Orientation day. Not only did we complete the usual first day paperwork, we watched videos about the company, the manufacturing process, and took a 2-hour tour of the plant. I was fascinated by the whole thing. The company provided coupons for lunch at the on site cafe, which is run by Bon Apetit. 

Tuesday: I participated in my coworker's class. A Continental breakfast and lunch were provided. Again, the food was delicious. My coworker has a great relaxed training style. I enjoyed the interaction and meeting some new ladies (I was the only male).

Wednesday: I started my online certification to be able to train a particular class. Attended meetings with my coworker and met more people. I'm understanding a bit more the scope of the company. My North Carolina boss was in LA for a few days for meetings so I got to meet him in person. He and I met at a restaurant in Pasadena for dinner at a swanky spot, Smitty's Grill. I was a little anxious about it but once we were both there it was fine. He ordered a bottle of wine and that really broke the ice.

Thursday: A meeting and a couple of projects received. I continued my online certification program and met more people. After work was a Halloween Happy Hour, complete with hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, pasta salad, beer, wine, soda, water, cupcakes, cookies....and a costume contest. No I didn't dress up. Here's our Payroll department:

Unfortunately they didn't win but I voted for them. I thought they rocked! Plus I wanted to be sure I got on their good side!

Friday: Halloween proper. I probably shouldn't talk about this day but I will...so I got to work REALLY early. And started my thing. My coworker took me and another newish employee to lunch. Then I left work at 2pm. Because that's how we roll.

So basically I did nothing this week but eat! It's been fabulous. A way to a man's heart truly is through his stomach. *wink* 

So I had a nice time last night. I had bought candy and thought I'd pass it out but no one came to the door. I don't know if it was because I haven't passed out candy in the past, the fact my porch light is on a motion sensor, or because I didn't have a pumpkin or any indication of Halloween participation. It might have been the RAIN we got! Yes! It rained last night! Woo Hoo! It was so fucking awesome, like God just turned on the shower full blast.

Another nice thing was O came over and we had dinner (pizza, salad) and watched a movie and some Buffy episodes. I haven't seen him in four months. Pretty much since I got laid off. He looks better now I think, he's let his hair grow and his beard. He has a boyfriend now but I didn't quiz him. It was nice to see him and spend time with him. I have a feeling that it will be a while before I see him again. Not sure what's going on but life happens. 

Tomorrow is the Kidney Walk. Mom and I plan to go. We registered but didn't donate/raise money because I've been unemployed and she doesn't have the extra money. And we don't like asking people for money. Next year hopefully we'll be able to fund raise.

It's about 8am and it's raining again. We desperately need it but I had errands to run. Guess I'll wait and see if it moves on this afternoon.

Welcome November!


29 October 2014

Day Three of the New Job

Just another quick note to say that I'm loving my new job. Sure it's kind of easy right now but consider these facts:

  • Monday the company provided my lunch because it was my first day and I was in Orientation.

  • Tuesday my breakfast and lunch were provided because I was in an all day  class facilitated by my coworker.

  • Tonight my dinner was provided by my East Coast boss because he happened to be visiting. He took me to a swanky restaurant in Pasadena (CA) where we shared a bottle of wine, had crab cakes for starter, and I had a petite filet as my entree. Delicious! And he picked up the tab (as he should).

Unfortunately there are no free meals tomorrow. Unless I count the Halloween Happy Hour after work!


27 October 2014

First Day Down

I survived my first day on the new job!

Details will have to wait until I have more time...I'm exhausted! But overall it was a very good day and I learned a lot. It's a fascinating company with a rich, interesting history. I do think I'll be happy there and it'll be a great place to work.


21 October 2014

Behr Movie: Gone Girl

One of the nice things about being home has been the freedom to go see movies on a weekday - during the day. Our local independent cinema has a $5 day for all movies all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It's wonderful since I always think movies are usually overpriced elsewhere. And we're talking first run movies!

Today I went to see Gone Girl. I'm not a big Ben Affleck fan. Oh sure, he's cute enough and when he sports a beard, I sport a hardon but I don't go out of my way to see his movies because of his involvement. I don't remember how long ago I saw the trailer for this film but it intrigued me. And I adore Rosamund Pike. I finally went to see it today.

Don't worry, I won't include any spoilers. Let me say - for those who don't know anything about the movie - it is the story of a man accused of killing his wife. There are, of course, many plot twists and turns and quite a few incredible performances. It falls into the "thriller" genre and it does not disappoint. There are a few "moments" but not the "make the audience jump" moments, but more "make the audience gasp because it didn't see that coming" moments. 

My only complaint is the Neil Patrick Harris character is just a creepier Barney Stinson. Don't get me wrong, I don't for a moment doubt his character wants the Rosamund Pike character (and there's a brief glimpse of little NPH). But it seemed a bit too close to his HIMYM character, imo. 

Speaking of glimpses of male genitalia, there's a brief flash of Ben Affleck cock and ass. NICE.

I really thought this was a well-paced mystery. Going in I knew there were some twists (I'd heard of one) and yet there were some nice surprises. The supporting actors are very good and believable too. No one recognizable to me, I still need to do an IMDB look to see what other movies some of these people have done.

I truly think - and hope - that when award season is upon us that this movie and Rosamund Pike in particular are remembered.

If you like thrillers, Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, NPH, or just a good mystery movie, go see Gone Girl.