04 November 2014

All Inked Up

Once upon a time I was fascinated by tattoos. I still am, to a certain degree. Like the guy who sold me the roof...he had awesome "card" tattoos, each containing the name of a sibling. I secretly hoped the "Alex" one was for his husband but to no avail. He said he had a phoenix that covered a shoulder and crept over to his back.

As you all know, my tastes run the gamut. Take the guy above...at first I see beautiful artwork on a hot body. But then I think it's a bit overdone and what will it look like when he's much older...or fatter...and those muscled pecs sag to the middle of his chest? Don't get me started on the pain he had to endure to have these images permanently applied to his skin. And I wonder what motivated him to have it done...what's the "story" behind it all.

And then there's someone like this guy, whose tattoos seem so random. The stars are symmetrical and I suppose whatever is tattooed across his mid-section is as well....but the colored detailed ink on his right arm/shoulder seems very offset by the left arm tattoo.

Or am I comparing apples to oranges?

And for the record...that second guy could do whatever he wants to me.



BearTalks said...

I hate tattoos! I mean - they can be really awesome or a true piece of art, but I just hate seeing beautiful male body, covered from those! A beefy, hairy, juicy male body should be natural, without any disturbing ink on it! ;)

Stan said...

It's all a matter of taste I guess. I love some guys with them and some just look overdone and plain tacky. Around my gym it's hard to find guys in their 20's or 30's without ink on them somewhere.

Rick said...

I had an uncle that had tattoos and back in my youth we thought of him as a bit rough.
I see some that are hot but I would never get one.

a{GAY}tekeeper{iam} said...

can we watch the 2nd guy do whatever he wants to you?